What is a Will?

A will is a document that leaves instruction to your family, friends, or appointed legal representative about what should happen to your estate when you die.

A will can also be used to name an executor, name guardians for children and their property, decide how debts and taxes will be paid for out of your estate.

And, a will can be used to decide how your pets will be cared as well.

A will is basically a document that outlines your wishes and directs people how to proceed. (See Investopedia for why a will is a good idea)

You should get always legal counsel if you want to disinherit your spouse or child(ren), or if you are worried that someone might challenge your will in court.

If you want to control what happens to your property after you die, and even how estate taxes will be paid, it’s important to see an attorney at Davidge & Wright, L.P., who has experience planning for these contingencies and more.

What is a Trust?

A Trust agreement is a document (similar to a will) that spells out the rules you want followed when you pass away. It explains how you want your property to be handled for your beneficiaries.

A trust is different than a will in that its goal is to reduce estate tax liability, to protect the property in your estate, and to avoid probate in court.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to give you confidence and peace of mind knowing that your will and trust is set up in the best way to protect your beneficiaries and your expectations for the long term.

At Davidge & Wright, L.P., Denton’s Wills & Trusts Attorneys, we offer you assistance and confident decision making and planning. We want you to be sure of your future – that your legal needs are addressed and your assets protected into the next generation.

Fees and Follow-up:

We have flat fee plans for most instances. We will be happy to discuss the costs associated with setting up Wills & Trusts at your convenience or look at current plan you may have in place. We will also provide follow-up meetings with you as your family and long term plans change. It’s important to keep wills and trusts updated as familial, business and health changes occur.

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