Real Estate & Business Law:

The attorneys at Davidge & Wright, L.P., handle multiple areas of real estate and business law, including:

  • Residential homes sales transactions
  • Residential real estate document review and/or preparation
  • Real estate contracts
  • Commercial property sales transactions
  • Tax-free (like kind) property exchange (1031 exchanges)
  • Boundary and easement drafting
  • Reviewing lending documents
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating business or asset sales
  • Entity creation with customized supporting organizational and maintenance documents

Fees and Follow-up:

We have fee plans for most real estate and business needs. We can set up an appointment to review your business needs and the fees associated with most common transactions today.

Contact Davidge & Wright, L.P.:

For a consultation, please call us at (940) 382-9500

We are the Law office of Davidge & Wright, L.P., located downtown between the Square and UNT.

Let us become your trusted Business and Real Estate Lawyers in Denton, Texas.