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Denton County Elder Law Experts
We work in all aspects of elder law. Life circumstances change quickly, and you need a law firm that can keep up.

We’ll update existing estate planning documents to match current family and financial situations. We’ll create asset transfer plans to benefit children and grandchildren as needed.

We also advise with Medicaid planning and application assistance (including Qualified Income “Miller” Trusts). If you believe you or your family member would benefit from an appointment with an attorney to look into options or revisions and current plans, please call us today.

Denton’s Family & Small Business Focused Law Firm
We have the expertise and customized attention you need for each aspect of your family’s asset and business planning needs.

Our main goal is to provide you and your family with exceptional legal services and take the confusion out of the legal process.

Whether you have questions about the issues that may arise when you sell your home, to the complex intricacies involved in selling your business, planning to pass down your estate to loved ones, or assisting an elderly parent with complex Elder Law questions, we are here to help you navigate the often confusing maze ahead.

Denton County Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts
Our attorneys will help you find the best way to approach your estate planning. Whether you are a single person with minimal assets or a blended family with multiple contingencies and potential issues to address, we can help.

We will prepare estate planning documents that reflect your desires and maximize your tax planning, as needed.

The attorneys at Davidge & Wright, L.P. keep up with all aspects of estate planning and additionally incorporate their knowledge in real estate and business law to formulate the right plan for you.

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What makes Davidge & Wright, L.P., right for you?

Our law firm is a family and small business focused Denton, Texas firm located near downtown Denton. We have been practicing law in Denton County for over four decades. Our customized attention to your needs for each aspect of your family’s asset and business planning needs is our #1 priority. Call us. We know we can help you find the legal solutions you need today.

– Estate Planning & Legal Services

Miller Davidge and Tiffany S. Wright have been practicing law in Denton, Texas for many years and have advised hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Denton County how to protect their estates and assets.

As Estate Planning Attorneys, we will advise you of the different strategies you can use to protect your assets while living and how to transfer your belongings to loved ones after you die. Our strategic advice will help you maximize your estates value by minimizing taxes and eliminating court costs and interference.

We want to help you control and protect your estate during your lifetime and beyond by writing documents that allow you to transfer property and money to children, charities, or others in a way you desire.

– Our Goal

Our goal is to customize a plan to meet your needs for each aspect of your family’s asset and business planning. We’ll  help you find the legal solutions you desperately need – today!

– Call Now

Located in downtown Denton, Texas near the historic square, we have been practicing law in Denton County for over four decades.

Your needs are our #1 priority.

Call us for a consultation (940) 382-9500.


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“At Davidge & Wright, L.P., we aim to relieve you from stress experienced in the often confusing legal process.